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  1. Ceremony of Innocence

    Riots. Terrorist attacks. Neo-Nazi violence. In modern-day Germany, journalist Catriona McClelland has seen it all while covering the contemporary European scene for a Catholic news organization. Keeping herself above the political fray in her professional life, she has also managed to keep herself from personal entanglements—still hurt from the wounds… Read more »

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  1. John Herreid

    Wolfe, Innocence, Literature, and Rock Monsters

    April 30, 2015 11:37 am Leave a Comment

    In the past week I’ve ended up saving a number of links to read and re-read, and in the hopes that others may also get some enjoyment and interest from them I’m sharing them with you. First up, there’s a short piece in the New Yorker about science-fiction writer Gene… Read more »

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