Into the Catacombs

A Novel

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A band of fugitive Christians is on the run. Their only escape route takes them to an abandoned Catholic church in the mountains. Winter is coming fast. Provisions are dwindling. And the resistance leader who is supposed to guide them across the border to safety is now missing. Can they get away before government agents close in? The fugitives face hard questions. Ultimately, each must make a choice. And Death wants the last word about all of it.

A suspenseful novel of persecution and suffering, Into the Catacombs takes an unflinching look at what it means to live the Christian faith in an adversarial world.

Into the Catacombs
  • ISBN 9781955305143
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Paul McCusker

Paul McCusker

Paul McCusker is an American writer most widely known for Adventures in Odyssey, but he has worked on many other types of writing projects: novels, plays, musicals, radio dramas, and movie scripts. Paul now writes for the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre productions and the Publishing Department. He is a convert to Catholicism, and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and children.

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