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New reviews of the “gleeful” and “rollicking” novel “The Flying Inn”.

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The recently released new edition of G.K. Chesterton’s The Flying Inn has been garnering stellar reviews!

In Catholic World Report, Dr. Kelly Scott Franklin writes that

Chesterton’s gleeful exaggeration satirizes the many-headed Hydra of modernity. Abstract modern art is “bad wall-paper; the sort of wall-paper that gives a sick man fever when he hasn’t got it.” So-called higher criticism of the Bible finds that Christ’s miracle of filling Simon’s fishing nets was in fact done with “stuffed representations of fishes artificially placed in the lake.” A crackpot German doctor who believes in earthly immortality claims that dying is merely “traditional,” then creates a utopia of barefoot, bearded people living entirely on milk. Clean eating, radical secularism, Islam, and scientific nonsense converge in Chesterton’s imaginary post-Christian West. It’s a bizarre and hilarious world, but it’s often uncomfortably close to home.

Follow this link for the whole review.

In the National Catholic Register, Kathy Schiffer says

The imagery is so intense, the circumstances so absurd, the characters so eccentric, that the reader can enjoy Chesterton’s work at that visceral level. But there’s much more…

Follow this link to read more.


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