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Free download! The Yellow Tavern Mystery

December 18, 2013 11:45 am | Leave a Comment

Here’s a Christmas present for mystery-loving readers! Those who have read T. M. Doran’s Terrapin know that the main character, Dennis Cole, is an engineering professor AND a mystery story writer (using the alias, Henry Drake). The Yellow Tavern Mystery is an original short mystery story by Cole/Drake featuring characters who appeared in The Deadly Dart Mystery and A Legendary Mystery. Click here to go to the Terrapin website and download this story (or A Legendary Mystery, if you missed that one!) Both of these stories are light and breezy in tone, in contrast to Terrapin, but provide some insight into the character of Dennis Cole.

If you haven’t read Terrapin, it’s available in e-book and hardcover from Ignatius Press. T. M. Doran hopes you have fun reading The Yellow Tavern Mystery and wishes you a joyous and blessed Christmas.

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