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Formation via Fiction?

August 12, 2013 8:10 am | 1 Comment

Many in the world are formed, at least in part, by fiction, and if they don’t experience the Catholic perspective (as distinct from Catholic doctrine, commentary, and apologetics) there will be little or no counterbalance to the secular perspective. Literature from a Catholic perspective can be evangelizing in the sense of exposing people to ideas and themes they would not ordinarily encounter, and in a manner that does not strike them as overbearing or polemical. Ideas, events, and human development (and, yes, even immorality and degradation) can be explored in fiction in ways that can’t be captured in non-fiction (apologetics, commentaries, etc.), in the context of lives, choices, and a rousing story.

T. M. Doran

T. M. Doran

T. M. Doran is a writer, educator, and consultant. An adjunct professor of civil engineering at Lawrence Technological University, he is the author of the novels Toward the Gleam, Terrapin, and Iota. You can follow him on Facebook.

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