The Authors of Ignatius Press Novels

Ignatius Press is proud to publish authors from all over the world, classic and contemporary. Select an author below to see their novels.

  1. Bram Stoker

    Bram Stoker

    Bram Stoker (1847–1912) was a short story writer and novelist, involved in the world of literature and theater in the Victorian age. He is best known today for Dracula, one of the most influential horror novels of all time.

  2. Brendan Hodge

    Brendan Hodge

    Brendan Hodge is a husband, a father of seven, a novelist, and a director of pricing analytics in Ohio.

  3. Charles Dickens

    Charles Dickens

    Writer and social critic, Charles Dickens (1812–1870) is a towering figure in the world of literature. To quote G.K. Chesterton: "Dickens never talked down to the people. He talked up to the people. He approached the people like a deity and poured out his riches and his blood. This is what makes the immortal bond between him and the masses of men." His works include Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, A Tale of Two Cities, Great Expectations, and A Christmas Carol.

  4. Charlotte Brontë

    Charlotte Brontë

    Charlotte Brontë (1816–1855) is best known for Jane Eyre. She was born into a remarkably talented family—she and her siblings were all highly accomplished in art and literature. Her younger sister Emily was the author of Wuthering Heights.

    (Author photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

  5. David C. Downing

    David C. Downing

    David C. Downing, PhD, is the R. W. Schlosser Professor of English at Elizabethtown College in Pennsylvania. He is the author of four award-winning books on C. S. Lewis: Planets in Peril, The Most Reluctant Convert, Into the Region of Awe: Mysticism in C. S. Lewis and Into the Wardrobe: C. S. Lewis and the Narnia Chronicles. Downing has also written short fiction for Christianity Today and other periodicals.

  6. David Pinault

    David Pinault

    David Pinault, PhD, is a Professor of Religious Studies at Santa Clara University. He is the author of the acclaimed work The Crucifix on Mecca's Front Porch. His other publications include Notes from the Fortune-Telling Parrot, The Shiites: Ritual and Popular Piety in a Muslim Community, and the novel Museum of Seraphs in Torment.

  7. Dorothy Cummings McLean

    Dorothy Cummings McLean

    Dorothy Cummings McLean is a Canadian writer living in Scotland. Her first novel with Ignatius Press is Ceremony of Innocence. She has been a regular contributor to The Catholic Register (Toronto). Her first book, Seraphic Singles: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Single Life, is a popular work of nonfiction.

  8. Eleanor Bourg Nicholson

    Eleanor Bourg Nicholson

    Eleanor Bourg Nicholson is the assistant executive editor for Dappled Things and assistant editor for the Saint Austin Review (StAR). She is editor of several Ignatius Critical Editions volumes, and has collaborated with other editors to provide footnotes for numerous others. Her epistolary novella, The Letters of Magdalen Montague (2011), is available through the kind patronage of Kaufmann Publishing. Her work has appeared in the National Catholic Register and Touchstone, as well as with First Things and The Catholic Thing.

  9. Emily Brontë

    Emily Brontë

    Emily Brontë (1818–1848) is known for her only novel, the moody and brilliant classic Wuthering Heights. She was born into a remarkably talented family—she and her siblings were all highly accomplished in art and literature. Her older sister Charlotte was the author of Jane Eyre.

    (Author photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

  10. Eugenio Corti

    Eugenio Corti

    Born in 1921 in Lombardy, Eugenio Corti joined the Italian Freedom Fighters. From his experiences of the tragic retreat from Russia, Corti wrote a fascinating chronicle, Most Did Not Return, and a book about the Italian Freedom Fighters, The Last Soldiers of the King.

  11. Felix Timmermans

    Felix Timmermans

    Felix Timmermans (1886–1947) was a widely published Flemish author whose work was popularly translated into English.

    (Author photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

  12. Fiorella de Maria

    Fiorella de Maria

    Fiorella de Maria was born in Italy of Maltese parents. She grew up in Wiltshire, England, and attended Cambridge, where she received a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Renaissance Literature, specializing in the English verse of Robert Southwell, S.J. She lives in Surrey with her husband and four children. A winner of the National Book Prize of Malta, she has published several novels with Ignatius Press.

  13. Franz Werfel

    Franz Werfel

    Franz Werfel (1890–1945) was a Czech-born poet, playwright, and novelist whose most famous works are The Forty Days of Musa Dagh, an acclaimed historical novel that portrays the Armenian resistance to the fierce onslaught of the Turks during World War I, and The Song of Bernadette.

    (Author photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

  14. Gertrud von le Fort

    Gertrud von le Fort

    Gertrud von le Fort (1876-1971) was a German novelist and essayist. A convert to Catholicism, she attended the universities of Heidelberg, Berlin, and Marburg. She was a prolific writer whose poetry and novels, which have been translated into many languages, won her acclaim throughout Europe. Besides her creative work, she wrote The Eternal Woman, published by Ignatius Press.

  15. G. K. Chesterton

    G. K. Chesterton

    Gilbert Keith Chesterton is one of the most prolific authors of modern times, having written some 100 books on many topics including philosophy, theology, poetry, literature, fiction and history. His best-selling works include Orthodoxy, The Everlasting Man, St. Thomas & St. Francis, The Man Who Was Thursday and the Father Brown Stories.

  16. Harriet Beecher Stowe

    Harriet Beecher Stowe

    Harriet Beecher Stowe (1811–1896) was an American writer and prominent abolitionist. Her famous novel Uncle Tom's Cabin helped to spark national awareness of the injustice of slavery.

  17. Harry Sylvester

    Harry Sylvester

    Harry Sylvester, a graduate of Notre Dame (he played football for Knute Rockne), was a popular novelist in the 1940s and '50s, and also wrote for many publications including Colliers, Scribners, and America. His other novels include Dearly Beloved and Moon Gaffney.

  18. Herman Melville

    Herman Melville

    Herman Melville (1819–1891) was an American writer of novels and short stories. His books include Moby Dick, Typee, and Billy Budd.

  19. J. Augustine Wetta, OSB

    J. Augustine Wetta, OSB

    J Augustine Wetta, OSB, is a monk of Saint Louis Abbey. He serves as the Director of Chaplaincy at the Saint Louis Priory School, where he teaches English and Theology, and coaches rugby. During his spare time, Father Augustine supervises the juggling team, cultivates carnivorous plants, raises carpenter ants, and surfs.

  20. James Casper

    James Casper

    James Casper was born and grew up in southern Minnesota. Apart from living in various Minnesota locales, he has resided in Boston, St. Louis, eastern Tennessee, and London, England. He and his wife of twenty-four years have traveled extensively. Rome is one of their favorite places. He is happiest walking from lock to lock along the Thames in England. His first novel is Everywhere in Chains. You can find more of his writing at his website,

  21. Jane Austen

    Jane Austen

    Jane Austen (1775–1817) may have written her great novels two hundred years ago, but they remain as fresh and lively as ever. Her works include Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park, Persuasion, Emma, and Sense and Sensibility.

  22. John Henry Newman

    John Henry Newman

    John Henry Newman was one of the most prominent Catholic converts of 19th-century England. Primarily known for his theological writings, he is also the author of poetry and the novel Loss and Gain. He was beatified by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010.

  23. Jonathan Swift

    Jonathan Swift

    Jonathan Swift (1667–1745) was an Irish writer of essays, satire, and political tracts. His best-known works include Gulliver's Travels and A Modest Proposal.

  24. Jose Luis Olaizola

    Jose Luis Olaizola

    Jose Luis Olaizola, an award-winning Spanish writer, is known for his acclaimed works on great historical figures such as El Cid, Hernan Cortes, Bartolome de las Casas, and Patricio Escobar.

  25. Jose Maria Gironella

    Jose Maria Gironella

    José Maria Gironella (1917–2003) was born in Gerona, Spain, and fought in the Spanish Civil War. He wrote five books about the war; the three most famous are the novels One Million Dead, Peace After War, and The Cypresses Believe in God.

  26. Lew Wallace

    Lew Wallace

    Lew Wallace is the author of the classic work Ben-Hur and other historical novels and biographies. He also had an extensive military and political career, serving in the Union army during the Civil War and later becoming governor of New Mexico and a diplomat.

    (Author photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

  27. Louis de Wohl

    Louis de Wohl

    Louis de Wohl was a highly acclaimed novelist who wrote numerous best selling historical novels on lives of the saints, many being made into films. His works include Lay Siege to Heaven, Set All Afire, Citadel of God, The Spear, Joyful Beggar, The Quiet Light, and more

  28. Lucy Beckett

    Lucy Beckett

    Lucy Beckett studied history at Cambridge and is the author of several books, including her highly acclaimed work, In the Light of Christ: Writings in the Western Tradition, as well as another work of historical fiction, The Time Before You Die: A Novel of the Reformation. She lives in Yorkshire, England, where she teaches at Ampleforth Abbey.

  29. Mark Twain

    Mark Twain

    Mark Twain (1835–1910) is regarded as one of the greatest American authors of all time. Novelist, essayist, journalist, and writer of memoir and satire, Twain's output covers every genre imaginable. His best-known works include The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. His lesser-known novel, Joan of Arc, is available from Ignatius Press and was Twain's personal favorite of his books.

  30. Marly Youmans

    Marly Youmans

    Marly Youmans is an award-winning author of fiction and poetry. Her other novels include Catherwood, The Wolf Pit, Glimmerglass, Maze of Blood, and A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage.

  31. Mary Shelley

    Mary Shelley

    Mary Shelley (1797–1851) was an English writer involved in the Romantic movement. Her novel Frankenstein is her best known work.

  32. Meriol Trevor

    Meriol Trevor

    Meriol Trevor (1919–2000) was educated at St. Hugh's College, Oxford. One of the most prolific Catholic writers of the twentieth century, she wrote more than thirty novels, for both adults and children, and several major biographies. She is best known for her comprehensive biography of Cardinal John Henry Newman published in the early sixties. In 1967, she was elected a fellow of the Royal Society for Literature in England.

  33. Michael D. O'Brien

    Michael D. O'Brien

    Michael O'Brien, iconographer, painter, and writer, is the popular author of many best-selling novels including Father Elijah, Eclipse of the Sun, Sophia House, Theophilos and Island of the World. He lives in Canada with his wife and family.

  34. Michael Nicholas Richard

    Michael Nicholas Richard

    Michael Nicholas Richard was born in Saco, Maine. He has lived most of his life near New Bern, North Carolina. His short stories have been published in small press, magazine, and paperback markets. He lives with his wife of 35 years and their two dogs.

  35. Michael Norton

    Michael Norton

    Michael Norton is a former newspaper reporter and public relations specialist. After abandoning the Catholic faith at eighteen, he spent almost forty years finding his way back. He and his wife Karen live in Old Mission, Michigan, and are avid hikers. A Hiker’s Guide to Purgatory is Norton's first novel.

  36. Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde

    Oscar Wilde (1854–1900) was a writer, playwright, and poet. Though considered by many today as an icon of sexual "liberation", his work shows great moral depth often overlooked by modern readers. Ignatius Press publishes a critical edition of his only novel, The Picture of Dorian Gray, as well as a biography of him by Joseph Pearce, The Unmasking of Oscar Wilde.

  37. Paul McCusker

    Paul McCusker

    Paul McCusker is an American writer most widely known for Adventures in Odyssey, but he has worked on many other types of writing projects: novels, plays, musicals, radio dramas, and movie scripts. Paul now writes for the Augustine Institute Radio Theatre productions and the Publishing Department. He is a convert to Catholicism, and lives in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his wife and children.

  38. Philip Trower

    Philip Trower

    Philip Trower, a native of London, England, studied at Eton and New College, Oxford, receiving a BA in modern history. He is the author of the novel Tillotson, has written for the Times Literary Supplement and Spectator, and worked as a journalist in Rome.

  39. Piers Paul Read

    Piers Paul Read

    Piers Paul Read is a best-selling novelist, writer, and playright with numerous popular books including Alive: The Story of the Andes Survivors, Ablaze: The Story of Chernobyl, Alec Guinness: The Authorised Biography, The Templars, Monk Dawson, A Patriot in Berlin, Alice in Exile, and Hell and Other Destinations.

    Read is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and a member of the Council of the Society of Authors, as well as an officer in the Catholic Writers' Guild of England and Wales. He received his BA and MA from Cambridge, and was awarded Ford and Harkness fellowships early in his career. His work has included dramatic non-fiction, novels, and screenplays, often focusing a journalistic eye on stories of tragedy and redemption. He has also written a number of television plays, and several of his novels have been filmed for cinema and television. He lives in London.

  40. Robert Ovies

    Robert Ovies

    Robert Ovies is a former Director of Chevrolet's U.S. advertising, an ordained Deacon, an MSW Counselor, and with his wife he was a mission worker on Arizona's Navajo Reservation. For ten years he was a live-in director of a communal Halfway House in Detroit offering support to broken families, the homeless, runaways, and abused women. He and his wife created a widely used marriage support program called the Together with Jesus Couple Prayer Series. The Rising is Robert's first novel.

  41. Roger Thomas

    Roger Thomas

    Roger Thomas is a lifelong Michigan resident who has been married to his beloved wife Ellen since 1981. They have six grown children and eight (and counting) grandchildren. He makes his living as a self-employed computer consultant and lives in the area of Port Huron. He loves reading, with C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, Rudyard Kipling, and P.G. Wodehouse being some of his favorite authors. He is active in his parish, pro-life work, and the Knights of Columbus. He blogs (sporadically) at A Prince of the West. He has had two collections of short stories, including The Last Ugly Person and Other Stories, and one novel published by Ignatius Press, and is working on his second novel. (Author photo by Jeff Leonard.)

  42. Sigrid Undset

    Sigrid Undset

    Sigrid Undset (1882–1949) won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1928 for her epic work Kristin Lavransdatter. The Norwegian novelist is admired for her honest portrayals of male–female relationships, especially her descriptions of romantic love and marriage.

    (Author photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

  43. Stephen Crane

    Stephen Crane

    Stephen Crane (1871–1900) was an American writer and journalist. His works include The Red Badge of Courage, which is considered one of the greatest American novels of the 19th century.

    (Image courtesy of Wikipedia.)

  44. Susan Peek

    Susan Peek

    Susan Peek attended St. Mary's Academy in Kansas. After graduation she entered a Carmelite convent where she learned about St. Camillus and developed a lifelong devotion to him. She later realized her calling to marriage, and she now lives in New Zealand where she and her husband Jeff homeschool their ten children. Susan Peek is the author of another historical novel, entitled Crusader King.

  45. Taylor Caldwell

    Taylor Caldwell

    Taylor Caldwell was an internationally best-selling novelist in the mid-twentieth century whose numerous books sold millions of copies. Dear and Glorious Physician is considered by many critics as her greatest work, and one that Caldwell said took her forty-six years to research and write.

    (Author photo courtesy of Wikipedia.)

  46. T. M. Doran

    T. M. Doran

    T. M. Doran is a writer, educator, and consultant. An adjunct professor of civil engineering at Lawrence Technological University, he is the author of the novels Toward the Gleam, Terrapin, and Iota. You can follow him on Facebook.

  47. K. V. Turley and Fiorella De Maria

    K. V. Turley and Fiorella De Maria

    Fiorella de Maria was born in Italy of Maltese parents. She grew up in Wiltshire, England, and attended Cambridge, where she received a BA in English Literature and a Masters in Renaissance Literature, specializing in the English verse of Robert Southwell, SJ. She lives in Surrey with her husband and four children. A winner of the National Book Prize of Malta, she has published several novels with Ignatius Press.

    K.V. Turley is a London-based writer, journalist, and filmmaker, plus a show host on podcast, radio, and television. His writing appears regularly in publications on both sides of the Atlantic. He is the UK correspondent for the National Catholic Register as well as a regular contributor to EWTN.